What are the best consumer credit agencies?


There are many credit agencies, but are all of them equal? We will see that several criteria allow to stand out from the crowd the best consumer credit organizations. APR rate, speed of file processing, acceptance conditions: everything you need to know to carry out any consumer credit project (personal loan, car loan, work loan, small loan, etc.) under the best conditions.

Consumer credit organizations: which is better?

Consumer credit organizations: which is better?

There are more than fifteen large consumer credit organizations, the majority of which belong to major banking or financial groups. Bankate is for example attached to Crédit Mutuel, while Bicredit belongs to Credither. Others are also subsidiaries attached to the giant retailers, such as Zaloan, Cassy Bank and even Viloan.

Consumer credit specialists have taken a clear advantage over banks and other consumer credit players (dealers, insurers). They simply offer better APR rates on average, while ensuring faster service.

Several criteria make it possible to classify the best consumer credit organizations:

  • The level of APR rates
  • Chances of Receiving a Positive Credit Opinion
  • Methods to send and sign your contract (electronic signature or paper sending?)
  • The speed of the final response
  • Availability of customer service

The main criterion for comparison cannot be discussed, it is the APR rate. We will see that it is important to use a credit comparator to limit interest as much as possible.

1 – Comparing APR rates is the priority

1 - Comparing APR rates is the priority

The APR rate is the main criterion for ranking the best consumer credit organizations.  Representing the real cost of a loan, the APR (or annual percentage rate), includes both the interest and the costs of handling a loan.

The usefulness of a credit comparator

The best consumer credit agencies offer APR rates that are sometimes very different on certain types of loans or specific amounts. Promotional periods, simple commercial choice: several reasons can explain significant differences in rates between credit companies.

Illustration with a comparison of a 10,000 USD credit over 36 months in the form of a personal loan, from our comparator (as of October 2019):


Comparison of the rates of a personal loan $ 10,000 over 36 months
Fixed APR rate
Monthly fees
Total cost of credit
Organization n ° 1 of our comparator
290.20 $
447.20 $
Organization n ° 2 of our comparator
291.92 $
509.12 $
Organization n ° 3 of our comparator
301.78 $
864.08 $


The best lender  has almost half the interest than the third. This specialist completing the podium is however in our case just as known and renowned as the best. This quick comparison of consumer credit organizations shows the same as most of our simulations, whatever the project and its amount. There are still significant differences in APR rates between the big names in consumer credit.

How to get an immediate answer in principle?

Our comparator is connected to the main online credit organizations, allowing you to display only the best APR rates of the moment. It is thus possible to obtain the podium of the best organizations in a few minutes, after having informed your project and some important information.

In addition to the rate classification, our questionnaire offers an immediate answer in principle. This system provides pre-acceptance at the best rate. In the event of a negative opinion from the best organization, it is always possible to request the opinion of the second, as well as the third. Several chances of obtaining a favorable response in a single credit request, this is the advantage of our tool.

2 – Response times: not all organizations are created equal

2 - Response times: not all organizations are created equal

The final response time once the credit agreement has been accepted is 6 to 8 days on average. Consumer credit organizations offering electronic signatures have an advantage in this regard. Some consumer credit organizations even offer 100% online credit. This is the case for Cassy Bank and Creditstair.

It is therefore interesting to find out about the possibility of signing and sending your contract without having to send it by post. This criterion does not guarantee faster processing, but significantly increases its chances of shortening delays. Online credit with electronic signature offers above all a certain comfort, beyond saving time on postal deadlines.

Note: it is always necessary to wait at least eight days from the date of signature of the contract before hoping to obtain funds from a consumer loan. This is the legal minimum period provided by law. Only an express transfer request on an existing revolving credit contract can get your mViloan in 48 hours.

3 – Customer service of consumer credit organizations

3 - Customer service of consumer credit organizations

The best consumer credit organizations also stand out for the attention they pay to customers. Rewarded numerous times over the past ten years, Bankate (see Bankate opinion ) is undoubtedly the one providing the most guarantees.

In general, the organizations offering a live chat system with an adviser are the most interesting on the after-sales service. Not all offer this additional service, only providing a number and an email contact box. The most popular organizations (Yoabank, Bankate, Bicredit, Cassy Bank, etc.) all offer this service.

Reminder: it is possible to retract for 14 days as part of a consumer credit. A withdrawal slip on the credit contract allows you to exercise this right. If necessary, certain models for retracting  simplify the process.


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