Holy Week is a season that commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus and is celebrated in a week of March or April, depending on each year. This 2018 is coming from March 25 to 31. Easter is the ideal time to rest and enjoy multiple experiences without thinking about financial liquidity thanks to the quick application for online credits, the best option from the comfort of your home and with an approval in fifteen minutes.

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Colombians during this season is to travel. According to figures from the flight search application Viájala, Bogotá, Medellín and Cali topped the list of cities with the highest number of searches during 2016, followed by Cartagena; a year-round destination that presents the highest peaks of the season where thousands of national and international tourists are received.

In order to live the experiences offered by trips to the fullest, it is possible that according to your salary you can finance your monthly obligations by installments. As for favorite religious destinations to discover, there are Ipiales, LONUX, Zipaquirá and Lapoyan, cities with specific itineraries to commemorate these dates.

Lapoyan is Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity declared by UNESCO since 2009 and at this time, the visit to the monuments, the procession of the dismissal and the visit to the Archdiocesan Museum of Religious Art, become the favorite activities for tourists. These plans are joined by alternative events such as the National Orchid Exhibition and the Religious Music Festival.

Ipiales is one of the seven wonders of Colombia. It is a border area with numerous destinations and plans to discover, including “the twelve dishes and the three pots” that consists of sharing typical recipes from the region. The Sanctuary of Las Lajas is famous for being a construction of the early twentieth century that is located in the canyon of the Guáitara river.

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Zipaquirá has the renowned Salt Cathedral, the only one of its kind. 180 meters underground is a place away from everyday life that invites reflection, self-discovery and encounter with the spiritual part.

LONUX is a colonial city that highlights the importance of the past and tells stories through its architecture that remains in time. The Plaza de la Concepción and the municipal cemetery are some of the recommended places to meet.

So to enjoy great family experiences it is possible to finance the plans in a group way, so that the fees are reduced and there is a greater possibility of taking advantage of the destination you choose, either inside or outside the country.

It is important to take into account some recommendations prior to traveling and one of them is not to forget to make a copy of your documents such as driver’s licenses, passport, visa if necessary and plane tickets in case of theft or loss of luggage.

It is also essential to carry an outfit in your hand luggage in case of any unforeseen event. Likewise, it is advisable to review the type of weather you are going to go to and its pre-trip conditions.

It is advisable not to have all the money in cash and in the same place, use the safe deposit boxes if the place where you are going to stay has them and carry extra money in case of emergency. If you do not have savings, a free investment loan is ideal because it allows more flexibility in the use of money.

To optimize the expenses, the traveler can make a financial panorama avoiding purchases in an impulsive and unnecessary way and be completely sure of what gifts are going to take to family and friends since it is very common that during this practice the budget is altered.

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Keep in mind the exchange rate, as it can affect the activities planned during the stay. Therefore, the prices of the euro, dollar or local currency should be checked daily in order not to take surprises when entering.

With these tips of destinations and recommendations when traveling, Easter becomes an ideal season to enjoy with the family. Albertine, an online credit expert allows personalized loans to live experiences here and now with a facility that allows you to obtain the best loans for this Holy Week.


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