Fast online credit: best rates and immediate response

Some projects or money needs cannot wait. We are going to see how an online credit comparator allows you to obtain a rapid credit response and financing as soon as possible. All without having to ignore the best APR rate.

Fast credit thanks to an online comparator

Fast credit thanks to an online comparator

Taking a tour of online credit agencies and banks can quickly be time consuming. Precious time when the need for money is urgent. It is with the idea of ​​allowing everyone to obtain cheap and rapid credit in a few clicks that we set up our comparator.

Our comparator is connected to the best credit organizations, which are also the most reputable on the market. Once the conditions of the desired credit have been filled in (project, amount, duration), our tool focuses on two things:

  • Rank the best rates only on the basis of the APR
  • Provide an immediate response in principle for each of the three best organizations

Here is how the first step of the credit questionnaire looks. Once the project has been completed, four simple steps allow us to interview all the best organizations simultaneously.

Fast credit and easy credit are inextricably linked. The objective is to obtain financing quickly, without any unpleasant surprises at the time of the final decision.

A positive response from our comparator (acceptability> 50%) indicates that urgent credit is accepted. There is therefore no reason why it should be refused to examine the file, provided that the information corresponds.

Useless in our case to question the organization classified third at a lower APR rate, given that Sofinco has given its agreement. The organization is responsible for sending the contract proposal within 24 hours to the mailbox indicated in the form. It then remains only to sign the contract and send the supporting documents, before waiting for the funds to arrive in his bank account.

Criteria for obtaining fast credit

Criteria for obtaining fast credit

There is a logical mechanism when looking for fast credit:

  1. A credit organization is better able to offer a quick loan than a bank , which usually hangs around to respond and process the file.
  2. Using an online comparator allows you to concentrate several requests in a single form , increasing your chances of obtaining an immediate (and positive) credit opinion .
  3. Preparing supporting documents in advance saves time once the contract is received.

Fast credit: when will I receive the money?

Fast credit: when will I receive the money?

The law regulates consumer credit and does not allow organizations to transfer money instantly. It is indeed compulsory for lenders to respect a cooling-off period .

Initially fixed at 14 days, this period can be shortened to 8 days at the request of the consumer . In most cases, a check box on the credit contract allows you to make this request for an urgent loan .

Here is how a quick loan request breaks down when everything goes smoothly, from the request to the payment of funds.

Good to know: it is possible to withdraw for 14 days after the date of signature of the contract in order to cancel the credit outright without conditions.

Is it possible to avoid the reflection period?

Some companies have made mini credit their specialty. It is not a consumer credit under the law, since the loan is reimbursed in less than 90 days. This distinction allows them to bypass the reflection period. It is thus possible to obtain your loan immediately. Finfrog and Cashper are the two 24 hour mini credit specialists .

These solutions have two major drawbacks:

  • Amounts are limited to a few hundred USD maximum
  • The rate is very important

Quick online mini credit is mainly used to manage a difficult end of the month (unforeseen invoice, exceptional purchase). In no case should they become systematic, otherwise they risk being exposed to a significant risk of over-indebtedness. Any default in reimbursement does in fact entail substantial late fees.

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Fast credit and best APR rate: the importance of comparing

Fast credit and best APR rate: the importance of comparing

What is the real interest in comparing, beyond the possibility of obtaining several answers immediately? We will see that the offers of organizations are sometimes completely different. Comparing also means making sure to limit interest. Illustration with a simulated personal loan of $ 10,000 over 48 months, and another of $ 15,000 in 60 monthly payments.


The disparities are significant between the best organization and its pursuers, for a credit under perfectly identical conditions. A quick credit search can therefore go hand in hand with that of the cheapest credit.

How does our comparator work?

All credit companies allow you to make a quick credit request directly on their website. They guarantee an immediate response, but all have very different acceptance criteria.

The single questionnaire that we have set up avoids spending several hours filling out forms. A single form allows us to query the best fast credit organizations online . Completely independent, our comparator classifies credit offers only on the basis of the APR rate.

Independent and transparent

Many fast online credit comparators only offer a static ranking of offers, without updating the rates. The organizations guaranteeing the best commissions are then displayed in first position. Independent and transparent, our comparator does not work on this principle.

Our commitments

  • The APR rate is included for all requests over 3000 USD. This is the legal rate for communication on consumer credit.
  • Our comparator is registered with ORIAS, the official file of intermediaries in banking and credit operations. Our registration number is displayed at the bottom of the site.

Fast credit: supporting documents to prepare

Fast credit: supporting documents to prepare

In order to validate the credit request quickly and before transferring the money, the credit agency needs to verify the accuracy of the information you have provided.

He will therefore ask for classic supporting documents:

  • Photocopy of an identity document
  • Proof of address
  • Salary slips (at least the last two)
  • The tax notice (except for revolving credit)
  • Sometimes a statement from the last month

As a rule, the lending company sends the contract to be signed by post. Some organizations also offer a 100% signature online (via their mobile), as well as the digital sending of supporting documents. There is no fast credit without proof of identity and / or financial resources.

Is Auto Loan Fast Credit?

Is Auto Loan Fast Credit?

The car loan does not really differ from other forms of credit for the duration, unless it is contracted in concession.

In this case it is a quick loan but generally more expensive. Indeed, the car loan rate is the one that differs the most compared to that of a conventional personal loan. It is cheaper. Auto credit, on the other hand, involves providing proof (purchase order) to the lender. This reassuring document allows credit organizations and players to lower the rate.

The fast car loan in concession therefore makes it possible to go beyond the steps with the organizations, and to save three to four days on average. However, it is very rare that dealers can compete with the rates offered by large credit agencies. So not sure that the auto emergency credit is a solution, especially since the amounts committed and the duration of credit generally generate interest anything but insignificant.

Our comparator makes it possible to carry out a new car loan simulation (-2 years) or second-hand (+2 years).


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