Astro Finance pushes back the frontiers of consumer credit

Astro Finance (ex Loan of Union) never stops growing. Recently become the first credit organization to process requests 100% online, without any paperwork, the specialist in consumer credit to individuals continues its high speed development. Already established in Italy, Spain, Austria and Portugal, the group is preparing to conquer German borrowers. But what is the secret of this organism? Does Astro Finance have any weak points?

Astro Finance, the TGV for consumer credit

Astro Finance, the TGV for consumer credit

It is clear that Astro Finance sees everything bigger than other credit organizations. The consumer credit specialist is preparing to settle on the German market, from the first quarter of 2020. This desire to push the boundaries of credit is anything but a surprise for an organization that stands out above all for its innovations.

Among the main advantages of Astro Finance, we note:

  • 100% online and eco-friendly credit, without any paperwork
  • The ability to scan supporting documents directly from your smartphone with your camera
  • A definitive response to pre-accepted applications in record time: less than 48 hours on average
  • White label credit through choice partners (N26, Free)

How Astro Finance Works

Astro Finance allows professional investors to inject money intended to finance the projects of French households, but also now Italian, Portuguese, Austrian, Spanish and soon German. It is therefore no longer entirely a loan between individuals as formerly offered with Credither but rather an innovative way of circulating money. Encouraged by the promise of an attractive interest rate, investors do not hesitate to inject money intended to be loaned.

TAEG rates not yet at the level

TAEG rates not yet at the level

Because it cannot be the first everywhere, Astro Finance does not offer the lowest rates on all projects. Large historical credit organizations or even Cetelem offer rates on average more attractive than those of Younited on most projects. Our comparator provides a classification based on the APR rate. A good way to compare Younited rates with those of the competition.

Our tool also offers an immediate response in principle from each of the three best organizations. A non-binding “all in one” request, avoiding spending a lot of time filling out different forms here and there.


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