Invitation to attend the Second African Marine Debris Summit in Cape Town, South Africa

The plastic industry plays an instrumental role across the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainable development. The industry is seen as a leader in designing methods for recycling, recovery and manufacturing of new products from various polymers. For more than 20 years the plastic industry realized that recycling of plastics was an eco-friendly endeavor, and today recycling is adopted in Africa and other countries in the world. Marine debris has been identified as one of the key pollutants on the marine environments, in particular debris derived from plastics and synthetics. The problem is receiving limited attention in Africa. The plastic are often seen floating in vast amounts on the oceans, polar waters and even on the shorelines of the remotest islands. It is generally considered that the majority of marine debris is caused by land-based pollution and the small amounts from fishing-related debris e.g. lines, nets, strapping bands etc. Marine debris poses a threat to people, kills marine life and damages or alters habitats, reduces navigation safety, and can have substantial economic impacts on local communities.

In June 2013, Plastics SA held the first African Summit on Marine Debris in Cape Town. The event was successfully and has now led to the second Summit, which will be held from the 3rd to the 5th June 2015. Plastics SA would like to invite you to submit abstracts, and attend this interesting and exciting event. The Summit is being held in conjunction with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Department of Environmental Affairs and South African National Biodiversity Institute. The event will address issues such as cellulose based material in the plastic industry, recycling and present the research projects that have been done in this regard. To read more about the background information and brief agenda of the Second Summit go to and Further information and details can be obtained from Mr John Kieser at