iconDLIST ASCLME was created to help provide access to information for all stakeholders who have an interest in the welfare of Western Indian Ocean, its coastal areas and local communities. It hopes to do this in the first place by helping people connect with each other.


Wesha demonstration site
The DLIST ASCLME registered users form an online community from all sectors of society that shares the common aim of promoting sound management of the Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems. Join this growing community to share information and make your voice heard through discussion forums that provide input into the strategic planning process for the region that is managed by the ASCLME Project. Only through collective planning by all parties can we ensure sustainable resource and equitable development for the benefit of the people of the region and humankind.

The Western Indian Ocean not only is a treasure trove of irreplaceable biodiversity...

but also a place where millions of people depend for their livelihoods on the rich but dwindling marine and coastal resources. Sound management of these resources will require effort by everyone. DLIST ASCLME aims to make information available to its online users as well as remote communities that can only be reached by other means of communication. Everyone’s voice is important and no one is excluded. DLIST stands for Distance Learning and Information Sharing and the site offers basic distance learning courses and a variety of mechanisms for information sharing.

DLIST Demonstration Sites

The DLIST demonstration sites provide opportunity for stakeholders without access to internet to actively take part in the planning process for the ASCLME Project: